Benicia Selected as a “Be Kind Community” by the Be Kind Organization!

Cities across the county want to be selected for the Be Kind Program. Benicia, California is the latest community to be selected.

Apparently there’s a reason nobody uses the phrase “the mean streets of Benicia.” The Solano County town of 28,000 is, according to a recent designation, too nice.

Benicia was recently selected as a “Be Kind Community,” and committed to four one-week long initiatives in October in an effort to spread good vibes around the city. The “Be Kind” mantra is: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”

Week one (Oct. 1-9) is “See Someone, Say Something.” Living in “screen to screen” culture that creates isolation and loneliness, this week is set aside to “see one-another eye-to-eye.”

Week two (Oct. 10-16) is “Pay it forward” with an act of kindness. Hold a door for someone. Pick up trash. Buy a stranger coffee. It’s that easy.

Week three (Oct. 17-23) is “Serve a Servant,” praising or rewarding anyone from a postal employee to garbage collector store clerk, teacher or police officer.

Week four (Oct. 24-31) is a “Kindness Card” actually mailed to someone, be it a friend or family member or someone you know who simply needs encouragement.

The City of Benicia, the school district and the business district have bought into the project. City vehicles will sport “Be Kind Community” magnets while students will receive “Be Kind” stickers.

“It’s an honor for the city of Benicia to be selected.” – Erik Upson, Benicia City Manager

Our website asks residents to download or share inspirational quotes and individual “kindness stories.” The website offers a “nomination form” for anyone in other cities to nominate their town as a “Be Kind Community.”

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